Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Review: Love Was Never Mine... - Kunal Bhardwaj

“When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” While writing, little did Paulo Cohelo think that this quote of his would go on to stir the entire universe and would become the quote of hope, disaster, love and heartbreaks as well. A lot has been spoken and written about it and there is still no concrete conclusion whether this quote is actually true or not. Some like to believe in it, while some…some have believed in it and lost everything in the end. “Love was never Mine…” Kunal Bhardwaj’s debut novel explains the situation of a guy who could never win his love.


Rahul: A simple and down the earth guy with typical guy next door looks, dreams of winning his love Shreya. He believes in himself and is confident of making her reciprocate the feelings despite of knowing the fact that he doesn’t a looks to die for.


Shreya: Confident, helpful, sweet, beautiful yet materialistic. Rahul’s office colleague with whom he is madly in love with. Bur for Shreya, looks are priority.


Does the universe pay heed to Rahul’s desire of true and genuine love or does it ignore his quest?


First thing first, it is not a teen-age love story. It is set in the backdrop of a corporate set-up, where love is just a way of making things work in one’s way or its just lust covered up with fake emotions. Amidst of all this, there is Rahul. Fighting against all odds to win Shreya. Also he strongly believes in that Paulo Cohelo’s line; that the entire universe helps you if you want something genuinely. He has two friends who are there to help him to win his love. Shreya, on the other hand breaks up with her boyfriend due to some reasons and starts relying on Rahul for everything. That gives high hopes to Rahul and he starts expecting. Things take an unexpected turn when Shreya starts ignoring him and ultimately marries another guy. What happens after that? What does Rahul do? Do they come together finally or the future has something else in store for them? Read Love was never Mine to know the answers.


Talking about the writing style, Kunal has used a simple and clean language in the whole book, which makes the book a comfortable read. Although, there are a quite a few grammatical mistakes but the publishers are to be blamed for that. Nevermind, they shall be taken care of in the next edition, hopefully.


The book flaunts the detailed human insight and emotions. Kunal has explained Rahul’s situation beautifully and has made sure every reader who has ever been in love, whether successful or unsuccessful, should be able to relate with Rahul’s conundrum. His description of Shreya, everytime she enters in the story is brilliant. You can’t help but imagine and her smile.


All in all, read this book, if you’ve ever been in love for you can easily relate with Rahul everytime he feels for Shreya. Also, read it for Kunal. As he has tried his best to make sure everyone, even those who don’t read, should understand how it does feel like to be rejected everytime you expect a little love!


Pros: Very relatable story, Simple and clean writing, Unusual Ending and love!


Cons: A little amateurish writing style, grammatical and printing mistakes and the commonness in the beginning.


Overall: Good Read. 3/5

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