Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Review: A Thing Beyond Forever - Novoneel Chakraborty

What is love? This is the question that has been a part of innumerable discussions, has been a basic plot of thousands of movies and main theme of thousands of books. Even though, many go numb if this question is asked to them. Reason is simple; noone can exactly define it in words. For every individual, the meaning varies from A to Z. And mind you, no one is wrong in defining it. Then the next question arises; what is universal definition of love? ‘A Thing beyond Forever’ debut novel of Novoneel Chakraborty talks about the same.

Dr. Radhika Sharma: For a world outside, is an arrogant woman. But from inside? Well, she is an extremely sensitive girl trying to forget her first love and move on.

A regular day it was, everything was going normally until one young patient poked the sensitive Radhika inside the arrogant Dr. Radhika Sharma. Lost in the vagaries of life, she starts reading the diary written by the guy she loved. She loved him more than anyone could ever love anyone. It did not last long; but then reward for every true love is not love. As she finishes reading the diary, she finds herself facing the situation; which no one could ever term it logical. Was she going mad or was it just the coincidence or is love really a thing beyond forever? Reading the book is the better way to get the answers to these questions.

First off, this is not an easy book to read. If you think you can get off by breezing through the pages while sipping your tea/coffee then you’re wrong. This book demands concentration and introspection in every page. There are a lot of questions raised by the author on life and love via characters that can certainly give you goosebumps and amaze you. Some are answered and some are left on the readers’ answer cultivating powers.

The character, Radhika, is very strong. Very, very strong. You can’t help but praise her even after reading minute details of her character and her love. The way she handles all the situations as a teen ager and as a grown up woman amazes you. Her love, (for the name of her love, consult the book) who has a simple and a very sweet character makes you fall in love with him. He makes you smile; he makes you cry. You do what he makes you to do.

The book, also, generates an urge inside of you to start writing a diary and create journals. The way story proceeds via the journal entries is very fresh. You feel like finishing the book as soon as possible and start writing down your daily events onto one.

Writing style is remarkable. The writer manages to make you smile and make you cry at his will. He has handled the emotions of the characters well. Very well, I mean. Diction is astoundingly brilliant and appropriate.

The only thing which may not go down well after you’re done with the story is the credibility of the events that happen in the book. I mean, on one hand the questions and answers on life and love put up by the author are real and you can easily relate with them and on the other hand the events which occur in the story may be categorized as unreal by some, illogical by some and awesome by the rest.

All in all, I believe, Novoneel Chakraborty is the writer to watch out for. He writes differently and thinks differently. He might confuse those who are into ‘fun books’ but for those looking for some quality read, his books are must, despite of some ignorable shortcomings (Mind you, he is not very old in the field of literature. Give him some time.)

Pros: Extremely brilliant story, Author’s natural flair with the writing, Radhika Sharma, superb philosophy, LOVE!

Cons: Many may question about the credibility of a few events and about the ending.

Overall: Must Read! 4/5