Saturday, May 22, 2010


First things first, you would have heard the phrase: 'Only Style, No Substance'.. Kites changes that phrase into 'Only Hrithik, Nothing Else'.. Touted as the stylish bollywood film ever with loads of drama, action and thriller.. But it had NOTHING except a few scenes which do bring smile on faces but were not strong enough for people to say cheers for the movie.. Even Dhoom:2 was bad but Hrithik carried it off well on his own, but Kites is worse and this time even Hrithik's enigmatic charisma can't do any good to this film.. Starting from story, screenplay and acting everything was poor.. Anurag Basu who previously directed Gangster and Life in a Metro gave his worst this time.. Hrithik initially was not up to the mark but then as the film paced he got better and better but like i said his heroics can't save the film this time.. Barbara Mori was good but not best like everyone said.. The bad man Nicholas Brown is at par with Barbara..The extremely talented Kangana Ranaut was wasted! Even Kabir Bedi didn't get scope this time.. His role had to be creepier but he acted like a novice and was nowhere in the second half of the movie..

Here goes the stupid plot:Dance Teacher Hrithik Roshan acts to be in love with Kangana Ranaut so he could use her wealth to live his life but his destiny turns his life upside down when he comes face to face with Kangana's Brother (Nicholas Brown)Tony's fiancée Barbara Mori. He realizes that Barbara is only marrying Tony for money just like him.. They both fell in love and the usual betrayal takes place in a typical bollywood style.. Kabir Modi who happens to be Kangana's Father and the owner of a prestigious Casino in Las Vegas who also is a Gangster does nothing and his Tony becomes mad after the ran-away couple that he just travels around the globe after them shooting around with his men..

The second half of the movie is so moronic that one wonders why is he still sitting in the theater watching this stupid movie.. The response if the audience was so bad that as soon as the exit door was open people started leaving their seats abusing the film badly.. No one even bothered to watch the last scene and the end credits! Hrithik does his stunts well in the song 'Fire'.. He is completely pokerface in the song and is busy in performing the dance stunts that he even forgets to bring a smile on his face.. He is totally expressionless in the song.. The music is above average is different from past movies of FilmKraft productions.. The only thing which is commendable in the movie is the cinematography..

To conclude I would just say this is the WORST HRITHIK ROSHAN MOVIE till date.. Save your money and time and invest both in some other work.. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.. And this time the Roshans are not going to have the last laugh.. They had said that this is a landmark film and will touch those heights which no other bollywood movie has ever had, but what the hell! In fact they should say sorry to all the people for creating such a big hype about the movie which is nothing but a below average mediocre bollywood masala..

My Rating: 3/10; (I would have given 2 but being a huge Hrithik fan I felt pity and gave an extra point)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Badmaash Company

God provides everyone what they deserve but doesn't fulfill their greed.. This statement holds truth for today's youth who wish to attain the height no one has ever reached without doing the required hard work.. Badmash Company depicts this thought beautifully.. Intelligent script combined with superb individual performances resulted in a 2.30 hrs of light entertainment.. Awesome... Brilliant... Superb... were the words coming out of the mouths of those coming out of the theaters after watching this movie.. Honestly speaking watching the movie was real fun..

Set in 90's a group of four(Shahid, Anushka , Vir Das and Meiyang Chang) decide to work against the system and earn money and height quickly by their unorthodox methods... They work brilliantly by making unique plans and taking accurate decisions.. The first half is a fun ride with the rise of their company and the chemistry between the friends and between Shahid and Anushka..

Things start getting little repetitive and predictive in the second half when success gets inside Shahid'd head and he eventually runs of out of his luck and starts claiming himself the spearhead of the group and even starts calling himself the god.. His pride makes him friendless and he ends up behind the bars.. Then the usual self realization comes and he learns that money is not the only thing which makes a man rich but the glory and respect he earns from others by doing a legal job in a commendable manner makes a man rich.. Then he goes back to beginning and starts doing the right job in an extraordinary way..

Parmeet Sethi has struck the right chord with his first directorial venture.. A script written in six days cannot get better than this.. The dialogues especially the one liners are hilarious.. Cinematography is commendable.. Pritam's music is strictly OK! Amongst the actors its Anushka who steals the show by her performance.. After Rab Ne her transformation is superb.. Shahid is absolutely fine with his role.. His style and way of doing everything will be remembered.. Meiyang Chang too was fine considering the fact this was his acting debut.. Vir Das was absolute delight with his funny yet sensible acting..

To conclude, Badmaash Company is a complete surprise.. An intelligent entertainer.. A must watch for all!!

My Rating: 7/10

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