Monday, January 31, 2011

Dil To Baccha Hai Ji

Hello there! Welcome to all of you on our show. Your controversial and favorite man is back today for the movie review. We’ll be discussing Madhur Bhandarkar’s release, Dil to Baccha Hai Ji today. Please welcome,Lebnox!

“Welcome back! You look tired.”

It’s all Madhur’s fault.”  He sighed.

“Ready for another session?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? Moreover, I’ve got to buy medicines from the money you’ll be paying me today. I’m having a bad headache!” He winked. Finally. We smiled.

Q.1) Describe the movie in one word.
Lebnox: I don’t know. Waste? Bad? Soporific? Quote whichever adjective you like the most.

Q.2) Whoa! Why such strong reaction?
Lebnox: Cuz Dil to Baccha hai ji. (We thought his senses were damaged.)

Q.3) Err… Okay. You in a mood for the review or not?
Lebnox: Just finish this interview ASAP and let me go.

Q.4) We’ll make it quick. What about the performances?
Lebnox: Ajay Devgn was average. His comic timings were good at times. Omi Vaidya was a torture. I couldn’t stand his presence on the screen. Emraan Hashmi was excellent in the first half, but deteriorated in the second. Shazahn Padamsee was good but irritated with her dialogue delivery in a few scenes. Shruti Hasan still needs acting lessons. Shraddha Das is a novice. Tisca Chopra was first rate.

Q.5) Madhur Bhandarkar has attempted comedy this time. What would you like to say about it?
Lebnox: About whom? The director or the movie? (Really, he wasn’t in his regular moods today.)

Q.6) Director.
Lebnox: I think he should leave this genre for others. He is better in making those socially motivating, hard hitting movies.

Q.7) Kindly expand your view on the movie.
Lebnox: It’s like, you order a South Indian dish at a North Indian restaurant and you’re skeptic about how would it be like. You finally get it and you start eating it. Initially, a few pieces of the dish taste fine but after eating for some time, you start feeling irritated and pray for the dish to finish soon. (He’s hungry, we think so.)

Q.8) Okay. We got it. Did the movie bring smiles on your face?
Lebnox: It did. I mean it made me laugh at times. But, the overall effect of the movie was terrible. A few scenes were surely comic. They can make anyone laugh. But, most of the times, the movie was boring. Very boring. I fell asleep. Twice.

Q.9) For how long?
Lebnox: Don’t worry. For a few seconds. I watched  the full movie and I know the whole story. (We were wrong! He is in his full senses. Really!)

Q.10) Any positive thing about the movie?
Lebnox: Emraan Hashmi’s performance and Ajay Devgn’s expressions. And you can count the chemistry between the three guys in this list as well.

Q.11)  Should we ask about the storyline or ….?
Lebnox: Predictable. Three guys try to find love at wrong places. It’s basically about unrequited love, heartbreaks, and renewed hopes. Some of you may relate to some of the incidences shown in the movie. I did not.

Q.12) Hit or flop?
Lebnox: Can’t say. I guess average. Neither flop nor hit.

Q.13) Final Verdict?
Lebnox: Please save your time and money by skipping this one. Unless you don’t really have anything to do. Are badi bekaar movie hai yaar! And you people don’t dare twist my ratings anymore. I’m going with 1.5 out of 5. Do not change it. (He really wants to leave now.)

Like you read, he did not really leave for us anything to say. Nor, he said anything in private for us to quote.  So irritated he was! We’d pray for Indian Comedy movies to improve.  

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