Friday, December 9, 2011

Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Ricky Bahl has many names. Sunny Singh, Iqbal, Deven Shah, Vikram Thapar, etc etc. He is a con artist. He lives his life off his talent. He fools girls for money and quickly changes his identity. Three of the thirty girls he has conned are Dimple Chaddha, Raina Parulekar and Saira Rashid. Raina happens to be a big shot. She decides to take revenge against him and get all her money back. She teams up Dimple and Saira and makes a plan. To con him this time.

Ishika Desai is a simple sales girl who never lets anyone leave her showroom empty handed. She makes everyone buy something or the other. Raina and team approach her to play by the plan and con Ricky Bahl. Ishika agrees and swears to finish the job with expertise.

They meet. Ricky Bahl is a pro. Ishika is confident. Both try to con each other. Ishika has a team working hard with her; Ricky Bahl has his talent with him. Things take a turn and he falls for her. What happens after that? Who succeeds in the mission? Who wins in the end?

The Good:

Ricky Bahl: Ranveeri Singh is a star. Believe me when I say this. He may be a man infamous for his tomfoolery in reality but when he’s on screen, you’re bound to like him. He brings with him oodles of confidence on screen. Plus, he has carried a blockbuster on his shoulders previously. His hard work shows in every character he plays in the movie, in his accent, in his body language everything. Ricky Bahl was tailor made for him. Well oiled and chiseled abs, his expressions and his dialogues very well qualify for hoots and claps.

Ladies:  If Ricky Bahl is a star, ladies aren’t far behind him. They give him competition in every department. Show stealer among them is easily the debutante Parineeti Chopra. Anushka Sharma is experienced and is expert in playing roles like these, but was outdone with Parineeti this time. Dippanita Sharma Atwal plays her character of a corporate and confident woman well and manages to play the head of the team with finesse. Aditi Sharma as an introvert Lucknow girl looks natural and cute, and her dialogue delivery is excellent. But for me, find of the movie is easily Parineeti Chopra.  Her role as a bubbly and pakki dilli waali ladki was hilarious. Her comic timing, her expressions and her dialogue delivery, everything was amazing. All whistles for her. Simply awesome! Me likey. Me a fan.

Story & Direction:  If you think Maneesh Sharma could be a ‘one film wonder’, you’re wrong. He returns with this light comedy-family-drama which is bound to make you smile, laugh and fall in love with his characters. The best part about him is that he makes the story and his characters so relatable and simple that you don’t need to stress out while watching nor use your brain. Stress-buster, to be specific.

MusicIf you think the music of the movie is ordinary and doesn’t grow on you, listen again. You might actually start humming along and move your legs in sync with the beats and rhythm. ‘Aadat se Majboor’ ‘Jazba’  need a special mention.

The Bad:

Second half:  If first half was funny, fast paced and cool and whatever; then second half slackens a bit at places. Some of you may yawn a few times or check your watch or call the scenes clich├ęd or check your messages or update your status or whatever stuff you mostly tend to do in these situations.

Love Chemistry: Nothing was actually wrong in Ranveer and Anushka’s romantic chemistry but somehow you tend to compare it with their on screen romance in their previous movie together and feel unsatisfied.

The Ugly:

Editing:  If you find second half a little slow at places, you’ll abuse the editor, for some scenes were actually should’ve been edited out from the movie but were present in the movie.

*  *  *  *  *

Why you must watch the movie?
Light hearted comedy, hilarious moments, family drama, good music, and two hours of fun never really hurts.

Why you must not?
If you have a habit of watching serious and heavy drama and have a knack of comparing each and every goddamn Indian movie to Hollywood flicks. Seriously.


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