Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Review: Of Course I Love you! - Durjoy Datta | Maanvi Ahuja

A lot has been said, read and heard about “Of Course I Love You..! Till I find Someone Better!” already. The book, that made an average looking ordinary B.Tech student a star, has something special which cannot be put into words. You like it, you love it or you hate it, but you cannot ignore it. People say Five Point Someone brought a revolution in India. Wrong. It just made people realize that a book cannot just be written by Special People. Anyone having way with words and a strong imagination can do that. The revolution, which is being discussed here, began with the release of “Of Course I Love You”.

An ordinary guy’s extra ordinary story made people laugh and fall in love with the lead characters ‘Deb & Avantika’. It inspired hundreds of people to believe in themselves and expand their imagination. And thus, the era of commercial fiction began. Each month, guys with a story started coming out with their books and the dominance of campus fiction began.

Why “Of Course I Love you”?

1)      It remains the original and the highest selling campus fiction (Well, of course after Five Point Someone) till date.
2)      It talks about the dirty secrets behind most relationships.
3)      It talks about how every guy thinks when they do or say certain things.
4)      It talks about the journey of ‘Deb’ from a lusty guy to man deeply in love with the most beautifully perfect woman who, herself had had a disturbing past.
5)      Well, of course, the passionate ‘love scenes’.

Talking about the writing style, the language used in the book is full of wits, wicked humor and highly imaginative description. The book can be breezed through anytime and any day and one can seldom get bored. Plus, it has its moments when you say, ‘Wow, that’s me there,’ i.e. it is highly relatable. Many complain that it has all the exaggeration in the world and is unreal. But then, have they really seen the world and know the actual difference between reality and imagination? Of course like every other book “Of Course I Love You” has It flaws but that was the  author’s first attempt at book writing, and you cannot expect a perfect book at that stage.

About the author – Well, what can you say about a guy whose life was, once surrounded by books, girls and sometimes friends? He dared, imagined, did and finally conquered. And now he rules. His fan following has been increasing exponentially since the day of the release of “Of course I Love You!” and hasn’t deteriorated ever. He has been writing and churning out more books on regular intervals and doesn’t give a damn about what others think about him. He let himself tortured for a while in a day job but finally gave it up to do what he has been wanted since long. Yes, he now owns a publishing house called Grapevine India. Yes, he is none other than Durjoy Datta.

Pros: Whacky Humor, Enjoyable Writing Style, Highly Entertaining Story, Deb-Avantika and the love scenes.

Cons: A few mistakes here and there. A few alleged exaggeration and well, a few ignorable content flaws.

Overall: Must Read. 4/5.

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