Friday, April 29, 2011

Book Review: That Kiss in The Rain - Novoneel Chakraborty

Which is better, or in other words what is ethically true: Making love with someone you love or loving someone you make love with? Novoneel Chakraborty’s second novel: “That Kiss In The Rain…Love is the weather of Life” talks about the same. A lot has been said and discussed about love various times in many books. Why would anyone read ‘That Kiss in The Rain’ when the name itself depicts romance?

An airhostess by profession and rich spoilt brat by nature. Believe in the statement: “Nothing is impossible”, follows the statement, “Pallavi can only lose in one case, when she wants to’. Truly loves her childhood crush ‘Dino’ and believes he was her first and last 'love'.

A simple girl and the most important character in the book. Source of answers to all the questions by women of all ages. On a never ending quest of finding her true love.

….And then they met him, exactly when they shouldn’t have.

An amnesiac cuz of major accident. Entrepreneur by profession. Widower.  

The story begins with the disclosure of Haasil’s accident revealing he has lost his wife in a major accident. He tries to recover from the accident while we learn about Pallavi and Swadha. How their childhood was spent describing the details which led to their character of their adult life. Nitin, Haasil’s friend, tries not to reveal the secret of Palki’s(Haasil’s wife) death to him with providing excuses of her not being with him at this sensitive stage. After a few events Pallavi and Swadha come into Haasil’s life to make it smooth (or more complicated, perhaps). What happens next? Haasil gets whom? Pallavi? Swadha? Or what will happen if and when he will come to know about his wife’s death? Read the book for the answers.

Novoneel’s way of storytelling is tremendously good. The dribbling between the character sketches was done in a perfect manner. Detailing of characters was superb. If these characters were real, you would be able to recognize them if came across. Not an exaggeration.

The best thing about the story is the soul. The feelings and sentiments of Haasil are described in such a way that you pray for him to get Palki back! Why is this book different than other romantic novels? Cuz it deals with the quest of true love, in a mature way. The three main characters are in search of true love. Haasil, just wants his wife back. Swadha wants his boss to reciprocate as she loves him genuinely. Pallavi wants his childhood love, Dino, back. To know how all these stories are connected, you just need to order a copy online or grab one from the nearest bookstore. The only drawback in the story, which I personally felt, was the ending. It was a little abrupt. Many would disagree, but this is my personal opinion. It could've been perfect. Nevertheless, the book was a great read!

Again, a few grammatical and printing mistakes I did come across and I also know they can be very easily ignored.

All in all, a great book for all romance lovers and for all those who never tried reading about love or hated it.

Pros: Fantastic theme, Interesting Characters, Pallavi’s attitude, Italicized lines, nice storyline, twists and LOVE!

Cons: Ending.

Overall: Must Read. 4/5


  1. An excellent take on Love Naman..The review is so well compiled..I m sure the book must be great too..Thumbs Up! :)

  2. Thank you, Ashish! Feels good :)

  3. Amazing work by author. But the lovestory is incomplete. what the end should be, he left it on the reader.