Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Man's Best Friend

(Constant humming……) “Hey Honey! What’s up! Watcha doing?” asked Jacky. “Was I humming?  I thought I was doing that in my head. Heh!  Forgive me Jacky.Nothing sings like kilo volt. Unique Pitch! Nothing else in nature is like it.” Honey said looking at the transformer.  “I’m sure you’re right.” Jacky winked. “So what’s new?” Honey said. They started their walk to their respective homes. “Nothing. Just spending usual boring days. Ronit is so boring yaar! All he does is to watch that stupid screen where two different types of human beings play with each other’s body parts shamefully! I can’t stand it yaar! There method is so boring unlike us. I yawn, yawn and yawn the whole day. What about you?” Jacky said lazily. “Aah, that screen sounds interesting. I should visit your house someday. And you know me, I am not like you. I’m a superdog. I can never get bored.” Honey smirked.

“Yeah, Yeah, Enough of your self praise. See that mud spot there? Let’s go and wallow. We can pass the time listening to your heroics.” Jacky said and ran towards that mud spot. “So what do you want me to tell you?” Honey, while wallowing playfully in the mud asked Jacky. “Mr. Superdog! Surprise me!” “You know, I’m kinda missing Neelesh. He’s my best friend and that moron is out of station today. He’ll return tomorrow.” “Stop boring me yaar. Tell me any of your unforgettable incidents! I’m so excited to hear them! Bow Bow!!” Jacky barked. “You rascal! You want to me flaunt my super powers?Here you go then!” Honey sneered.

“Three months back, Neelesh’s aunt paid a surprise visit to him. Man, she really was something. I mean, Neelesh is always kind to me and gives me the best of the food and keeps me free from the bondage. But that lady was pesky enough to make my gorge rise. She would always hector me incessantly. She could witter whole day and never get tired. She would always give me a withering look. Whenever I barked at the stranger she always used to shush me out of the room. One day, my patience level broke off and I decided to take charge against her. I went to Neelesh one day and asked him…”

“W..w…wait! What do you mean by asked him? That’s impossible! You can’t talk to humans.” Astounded Jacky said. “Did I mention I’ve super powers?” Honey grinned. “C’mon! Speak up. What exactly did you do?” “Jacky! There are over 800,000 words in the English language. The human eyes, however, speak a more precise code, through their narrowing, brow arches, dilations, blinking, or the asymmetrical closure.” Honey passed a smile. “Whoa! How do you know so much about English?” Again Jacky was amazed. “Chuck it moron! Concentrate on the incidence. So I asked Neelesh, whether he comprehended the corollaries of the plan I was making. To my surprise, he replied in positive. Means, I was ready to do anything I wanted.”

The following day, I ghost wrote the whole plan, crossed the‘t’s, dotted the ‘I’s, grouted the tiles and made everything sure that plan shouldn’t fail. Then, I had to implement my plan. During midnight she was asleep, I went straight into her room and took out a few of her clothes and threw them out of the window. I passed out my characteristic bark and notified her that we had a burglar in the house. She saw her suitcase opened and found her few of the clothes down the window. She then screamed and ran to pick up her clothes.”
“The next day, at the breakfast table, before she could turn up there, I changed the bowls. No sooner did she see my bowl filled with milk and rice on her table than she went berserk. She started screaming over me and shouted that she would not live in the house anymore. I could notice the hidden smile on Neelesh’s face.” Honey spoke gladly. “What brand brain you use? Tell me, I would ask Ronit to buy me one!” Jacky was in all praise for Honey.

Honey again continued, “The final day of my task was a little difficult. I had to reconvene all the other dogs of the colony and had to tell them my plan’s proceedings. I told all the dogs that they’ll have to break into my house and tease Neelesh’s aunt in the worst possible way. But the dogs were a little edgy about getting into the house as I ruled it and Neelesh never tolerated them. So Neelesh had to feed’em all so they could break into the house. They did enter the house but they went out of control and starting making the problems worse. Then I had to take charge again and I started barking in my full voice to make them feel my presence. This actually was blessing in disguise as the aunt went mad seeing all this. She instantly packed her bags and left the house. So in this way, I helped Neelesh and myself get rid of that aunt.” He completed. “Jacky!! Jacky!!” Honey noticed Jacky had fallen asleep. “Yeah! What happened the final day? The incident looks interesting. Go on.” Jack yawned and said. “You scoundrel! You’ll pray now that you never had fallen asleep.” And he ran after him.

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