Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hello to all and welcome to the show. We have a special guest tonight. He is renowned for his accurate reviews and mind blowing short stories. We have arranged for a special interview today for a review on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzaarish.

“Hello Mr. Lebnox and welcome to our show.”

“Err, I’d be more comfortable if you skip Mr.” He winked.

“Shall we proceed?”


Q.1) The clich├ęd question: How was the movie?
Lebnox: Magical!

Q.2) Define Magical!
Lebnox: It takes you completely into a new world. Ethan Mascarenhas’ world. You forget about your life. You just sit and watch and feel and enjoy everything. Chances are, it might change your life too.

Q.3) Did it change yours?
Lebnox: Well, earlier I just used to blog, now I’m being interviewed for my review. Isn’t that Magical?

Q.4) Any word on the performances?
Lebnox: Word? I could speak continuously on the performances and you’d be so asleep. Hrithik is terrific. Simply terrific. While watching the movie you forget Hrithik and believe he is no one but Ethan Mascarenhas. The way he expresses himself without moving his limbs is commendable. And, give me privileges and I’d give Oscar to Aishwarya!

Q.5) What?
Lebnox:  Exactly! The same expression I had while watching her perform the character. Amazing!

Q.6) How would you rate Sanjay Leela Bhansali?
Lebnox: First rate. I had apprehensions before watching Guzaarish as Saawariya was a dud. I had very less expectations from it. It surpassed everything. Superb Direction. Brilliant art work. Best after Devdas!

Q.7) Aren’t you exaggerating a bit?
Lebnox: Why would I? They are not gonna pay me for doing it.

Q.8) Rumors are that it is a rip off of The Prestige. How much of it is true?
Lebnox:  See, I would say it’s all original. Yeah I agree that a few scenes in which Hrithik performs magic are similar to The Prestige but I would like to give the credits to Mr. Bhansali. And if anybody takes the name of other movies, I’m sorry I can’t comment as I haven’t seen them.

Q.9) There are people who don’t like artistic and serious cinema. They just want to sit and enjoy. What would you say to them?
Lebnox: Guzaarish is Bhansali’s gift to them!

Q.10) I forgot to ask about the storyline.
Lebnox: Like I said, you just feel Ethan’s world.

Q.11) Bhansali's fims are a pretty heavy and always have a sad ending. Do we need to go with the tissues?
 Lebnox: If you're going just to watch the movie, you won't need them. If you have intentions of watching and understanding a good cinema, I suggest you should go well prepared. I didn't need anything. Exceptions are always there!

Q.12) You mean to say this movie does not have any weak point?
Lebnox: Sure it has a few weak points. This is not at all a perfect movie. But I'd like to take a pass. Though many would disagree and many won't like the movie. After all, these are my opinions.  

Q.13) Final verdict to the viewers of the show?
Lebnox: You have my word. Isn’t that enough? (He passes a typical Ethan Mascarenhas smile. Guzaarish effect we guess!)
Kidding! Just feel and enjoy the movie and try to understand Ethan’s psychology. I guarantee you’ll love it.

This interview was brought to you straight from the horse’s mouth! We forgot to mention he gave the movie 4 stars out of five. For more reviews keep watching. Thank you!

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