Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Unforgettable Bet!

Category: Possibly Impossible!

This incident happened in 2008 when i had finished my adjustments in the college i got admitted to( are vahi... ragging!).. All my friends got admissions in respectable colleges and i was the one who got into the college which noone ever heard of. So i used to feel jealous everyday(par jitni ladkiya mere college me hain utni kahi nai! :D). And it all happened when i decided to visit my friend in IIT- Delhi!

Ever since Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone released, it has been considered as Bible in IIT-D( are bhai HOD ki ladki ko jo fasa liya tha).. Students try to do everything written in their 'Bible'.. Going to the same places, eating at same places where the characters of the 'Bible' went( par aajtak HOD chhodo.. kisi se peon ki ladki bhi nai fasi).. And yeah.. drinking and smoking at same places where their 'Bible' told them to!

My freind Taran{name changed} (as if anybody really cares), who also followed the 'Bible' but couldn't complete the task, told me that he and his group bought a bottle of vodka but they couldnt drink as it was bitter and was kept like a trash in his cupboard.. I had neither drank before nor i was planning to in future( par mann me laddoo foot rahe the ki saamne vodka rakhi hai :P).. After much insistence he changed my mind and convinced me to try it for once(bet jo laga di usne.. ki mai pi nai sakta).. He said if i drink one full tumbler( :-O LOL!) i would win hundred bucks( bottle khatam karke fekne ka bahana tha).. I agreed!

The first sip was very very bitter( ab mai juice thode hi pi raha tha), the second one was even more bitter( laga jaise i was drinking water mixed with cowdung.... aur haan i haven't tasted cowdung.. incase u think).. He sensed victory and started rejoicing.. I then closed my nose, eyes and then drank the whole tumbler in one sip! My neck changed its color to blue.. My throat made me feel as if i had consumed tube light pieces.. And all i could see was nothing( mai andha ho gaya tha.. bu hu hu).. And when i opened my eyes next i was lying in a cricket ground with Taran and many others looking over me as if i had met with a tragic accident.. But... What the heck! They all started laughing!

I demanded explanation for everything realizing two hours had passed since i held up that tumbler filled with vodka.. He then said,"Nothing mate.. You just blacked out.. Nothing else.."

(sala %^#$%@@#@%^& kahi ka.. kuchh nai bataya.. doosro se pata chala... I had started singing 'tum to thehre pardesi' loudly.. Then i went nuts as I went into the seniors room and started jumping in front of them.. They got furious and told me to dance infront of everyone.. I obeyed them and started dancing and while i was displaying my exotic moves i went down the hostel and attracted everybody with my dance.. Then i saw students playing cricket and i ran onto the pitch and i started singing 'ae kya bolti tu' and started doing bhangra.. The batsman got irritated and he hit me with his bat and i felt unconsious!).

I was very relieved when he told me that I just had a black out and nothing else and I gracefully won my hundred bucks( vo to baad me pata chala ki mera mujra dekhne ke baad many conrtibuted five bucks! :x )

PS: I couldn't believe i actually sang those songs! :P


  1. roflmao.....
    u r a CASE-class apart!!!

  2. I dont believe this!! Did you go back to your hostel from there? How come I never got to know@! And I agree you need to improve your choice of songs;-)

  3. gud post............... but u dont need vodka to do those things........
    aur ab pee (hindi wala) k Numb to gaoge nahi
    jo ga diye wahi accha hai...... jst lyk ur blog

  4. Set me in splits, so kudos... i guess every self-respecting college goer has had a 'tum to thehre pardesi'-esque moment at sum point of time or d other. Good 1.. Could have been even better with a longer description of the booze.. but that's me...never satisfied... :P
    Keep it up lebnox...or do i refer to you as xinus..make up ur mind Naman! XD