Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Krishh Ka 'Chamatkaar'

Category: Impossibly Possible

This happened in 2006, when Hrithik Roshan starrer Krishh was released.. It was creating waves.. After watching it first day first show i had liked the movie( god knows how and why.. cuz that movie was ridiculous) so i decided to go for the second time( i have seen it 4 times in theaters and believe me the movie is shit).

That year benaras had only one air conditioned cineplex and as expected it's everyshow was housefull( cuz benarsi ppl had had only one job i.e. watching a horribly-long-haired actor jumping from one mountain to other).. So me and my friends( yes they were also fools as they went for the second time with me) had to go to the single scren theater that was famous for abuses, bad smells, and power cut problems( that theater was also shit). We didnt get balcony tickets as it was housefull so we had to sit in the dress circle section( god was also preventing us from seeing that movie but we were mentally sick that time).

As expected, there was a power failure and that too in a scene in which Krishh was about to jump from one mountain to other and......ppl went mad, they started giving abuses( abuses: funny sounding and open source words, ie, eveready for a meaning change according to the situations) to hall-owner and to the powerman( not to be understood as shaktimaan). But there was no electricity and then madness turned into chaos when a typical benarsi sitting rght behind me threw his shoe( one part.. left leg may be.. :P) in a well planned way as to hit and tear the screen.. Alas! the plan failed..

Another benarsi sitting around ten rows( actually i didnt count the rows) ahead us got hit by the shoe.. He then got furious and threw the shoe back shouting, "who-so-ever did this, needs to be punished"( actually it was, " jo bhi sala %^#%$@$#& ye kiya hai, marayega.. ")
and the shoe went on to hit the third man and in a few mins the next thing i could hear was hocth-potch of abuses and all i could see above my head were shoes( chappals mainly.. and torn shoes.. smelling shoes) flying here and there..

And suddenly light came and Krishh completed his jump( that was crapppiest jump i could ever see) and ppl realized that they had come to watch the movie.. But they cared for their shoes too.. So while the movie was on, noboday cared for the movie.. Krishh was fighting the villians and jumping here and there and ppl were looking for their shoes in the dark..

When the movie came to an end.. few like my group were amazed and were talking about Hrithik's acting( actually they were saying," Hrithikwa mast kooda be.. Priyanka to gajab maal lagi!!") and rest were still searching for shoes and many left for home bare-footed..

Krishh completed!


  1. ooh..this also shows d power cut of benaras...n d ghatiya cineplex well ab nowadays unki jagah new malls ban rahe hai...well...nice desciption of d scenes...

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  3. Good to see that the two of you have also jumped in the foray of bloggers. Decent post, the satire was well placed. Just 1 important thing, although it is perfectly fine to morph grammar rules as per our needs in texts/social networking it'll be appreciated if you take care of the grammar here. Unless, of course, making fun of English is your point! Waiting for more updates. Cheers.

  4. very good bro!! kudos to u!! cool funny stuff :-)

  5. Surely brought about a few laughs! Carry on..share more of those comedies..but yes..agree with Pranav, no harm in sticking to original grammar:-)