Friday, July 2, 2010

I Hate LUV Stories

The title was attractive.. So was the treatment and the hype.. Both, who love and who hate love stories were excited.. But, we adore love stories, don't we? So how can anybody possibly hate love stories.. That was supposed to be the main theme of the movie.. But.. things went wrong right from the beginning.. Full of clich├ęs and predictable storyline the whole setup of the movie failed..

Imran a typical Casanova works as an assistant to a director who is famous for making blockbuster love stories.. Incomes Sonam who is an art director for the same movie in which Imran is working.. Imran hates his job and love stories but Sonam lives in fairy world where love stories are made in heaven and she has already got a perfect match for her who is just like a typical love story hero.. As usual they are totally anti towards each other and gradually grow liking and Sonam already being engaged falls for him and he rejects... Then as the time passes Imran finds himself as a changed man and he doesn't enjoys his life as he used to be.. His friends convince him that he has fallen in love but he isn't ready to accept the fact but like all the old stories he gets to know that he is in love with Sonam and after all the tedious drama they meet and live happily ever after!

Now, I don't need to say anything on the storyline provided you already have made your opinion after reading the above para.. Then comes the acting.. Imran Khan is as always very consistent.. No actor can act as badly as he does.. Neither he accepts this fact and nor he tries to improve upon.. His dialogue delivery is worse than Bruna Abdullah(yeah, she too is present in this film)and like always he is expression less throughout the movie and dances like a douchebag! Sonam is strictly OK..! Kavin Dave as Imran's friend is the show stealer and takes the lime light in not few but in many scenes.. Samir Dattani is decent.. Aamir Ali is good as an individual but his pairing with Pooja Ghai is irritating.. Samir Soni is OK in some parts and good in some.. The only saving grace if the movie is the music.. Vishal-Shekhar are in top form.. Styling by Manish Malhotra is top notch.. Cinematography is enjoyable too.. The worst part is the direction.. Debutante Punit Malhotra should be backed for trying a different theme but he should be thrashed for failing miserably..

To conclude, I would suggest the movie only to those who have a strong affinity for usual love stories.. Yeah the movie had its few hilarious moments but thats not what you expect from a movie made under Dharma Productions banner..!

My Rating: 4/10

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  1. It was never supposed to change or add few dimensions to hindi cinema.Understandably entertainment is the only and alone saving grace for IHLS.
    I havent seen it but going by your review , i am thinking of giving it a miss unless or until ghosts of marketing force me watch it.Keep Writing , keep reviewing.


  2. going by ur review i think this flick is a trash..simply a fashion parade a pushover nothing else..i think imran is very consistant as far as acting(bad).. Kevin dave is always a charm..

  3. yeah u r totally correct bro...plz tell dem to put a story insyd d muv...i think dey jst forget dis vital content...

  4. bhak sale... aisi chootiya type movie ka review dene ki koi jarurt nhi ti....